We Need You

Thanks for your intrest in Horst. You can register as a volunteer for the Horst Labs, and the Festival. All rewards are listed below. If you find a question unanswered, please contact us at horst@weneedyou.be

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much love, team Horst.

Pick your shift

This online planning tool allows you to register & pick your preferred shift. Please check our platform regularly for new jobs and/or time slots, or join our Horst Volunteers group to get notified. If due to special circumstances, you need to change your shift, please send us an email as soon as possible on horst@weneedyou.be


If you would like to be a part of Horst as a group, please get in touch on horst@weneedyou.be to discuss any possible returns.


You can set up your tent and all necessary facilities are in place to sleep on site during build-up and breakdown of the Festival. If you’re interested in staying overnight send us an email on horst@weneedyou.be



Build-up  September 2 - 12

2 days = free ticket for 1 day of your choosing

3 days = free tickets for 2 days of your choosing

4 days = free weekend ticket

5 days = free weekend ticket + camping ticket

Event  September 13 - 15

1 shift = free same day ticket

2 shifts = free weekend ticket

3 shifts = free weekend ticket + 30€ discount on camping ticket

Breakdown  September 16 - 25

1 day = refund of ticket for 1 day of your choosing

2 days = refund of tickets for 2 days of your choosing

3 days = refund of weekend ticket

4 days = refund of weekend ticket + camping ticket

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